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Confession Time July 31, 2013

Posted by Stormy in Uncategorized.

Ladies and gentlemen…I have a confession to make. I hope that by confessing my sins you’ll learn from the error of my ways and not fall into the same trap I did. It’s been *checks calendar* thirty-one years since my last confession.

When Wrathion’s legendary quest was first announced, I was intrigued. A legendary for everybody? Cool! Let’s do it! I dutifully ran my LFRs every week and collected my sigils, and all was well. And then they announced that the second phase of the quest would involve The Lion Roars.

Well, shit. I hate PvP. I hate it with every fiber of my being. The PvP community is a hundred times more toxic and awful than even the worst LFR group could ever dream of being. Imagine taking a shower in the filthy muck that is the official Warcraft forums, and, well, that’s my idea of PvP. 

So I raged. I screamed and yelled and threw tantrums on Twitter. I yelled at some people I like and respect very much. I swore up and down that I wasn’t going to do it, no way no how, not gonna happen, not in a million years would I queue up and do two battlegrounds. I don’t have the gear for it, I don’t have the experience for it, I don’t have a lick of a clue what I’m doing, and plus…well, I just don’t wanna. You’re getting peanut butter in my chocolate by getting PvP in my PvE, and I hate it and you suck and your ancestors suck and your progeny sucks and the whole thing is just…gah. Not gonna do it no sirree Bob.


Silvershard Mines sucks. It’s awful. It takes place in a cavern, and I hate caverns and enclosed spaces in Azeroth anyway. Enclosed spaces + crappy maps for said enclosed spaces (typical of all caves in WoW) + PvP + the PvP community = This sucks so hard it’s not even funny. Plus it took me like seven tries to win a match. 

But I’d come this far. I’d broken my vow not to attempt the quest, and I was half done. I’d braved Silvershard Mines, and although I was in no way useful to my team (and probably really dragged my team down by sucking so much at this PvP thing), well, it was half done.

So I queued up for Temple of Kotmogu.

ToK is a simple concept. There are four orbs in four corners of the playing field, and by capturing and holding one of the orbs you generate points for your team. Generate 1600 points and you win. The playing field is basically a simple square, and you get bonus points for congregating in the center of the square while holding your orb, so the center of the field is pretty much a big deathmatch free-for-all KILL ALL THE THINGS fight. 

You guys…

Temple of Kotmogu is FUN. Crazybananas balls-to-the-wall kill-or-be-killed fun. No hiding, no tricks, no blasting people off walls, no complicated objectives (I still don’t understand AV, Strand of the Ancients or IoC, and I doubt I ever will. Wintergrasp and Tol Barad are also way above my head.) Just grab the ball and go stand in the center and bounce it. If it’s red, it’s dead. 

In other news, I know the PvP community nerdraged and threw huge fits about the changes to PvP in 5.3. I don’t really know enough about PvP or PvP gearing to know whether it’s warranted. I do know, however, that I have done ToK on two completely PvE-geared shadow priests and I have not felt particularly squishy and/or gimped. I am by no means an expert on PvP–and if you played with me it probably shows. I hate the whole idea of CC spells in PvP; in fact, I hate the whole idea of losing control of my character, period. I am horribly, terribly bad at this whole PvP thing and any RBG team in the world would rightfully laugh me out of town in three seconds flat.

But screw you guys, I’m having fun. 


Also, a side note: part of the reason I raged so hard about being “forced” to PvP (yeah, I know, shut up) is because the WoW community can be pretty toxic. Racist, sexist and homophobic insults are just part of the WoW lingo these days. Combine a general lack of empathy, an audience, and competition, and you’re likely to see some of the worst of humanity. Except…it hasn’t been like that at all. Total number of instances of the words fag/faggot I’ve heard in about 15 ToK matches: zero. Total number of racist, religious or sexist slurs I’ve heard: zero. In fact, people in ToK are just…freakishly quiet in general. It’s rare to hear people talk in ToK, period. 




1. Psynister - August 1, 2013

Sometimes playing with fire gets you burned, but sometimes playing with fire is just plain fun.

Congratulations on finding a BG that you can actually handle, and even more so for actually enjoying it. I’m not a fan of forcing people to do things unrelated to the end goal (like doing PvP to get a PvE weapon), but if I start to go into all that you’ll end up with a second post worth of text in your comments. Let’s just say I’m against it, and leave it at that.

Well done.

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