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About Ben

I picked up WoW back in December of 2004. I had no history with MMOs. My big computer game addictions had been SimCity and The Sims. I loved games that I could play for an indefinite amount of time without a specific “victory” condition. I started in WoW because of a friend, and to be honest I was quite bad at it. I started as a Tauren druid named ‘Rushanna.” I managed to get to level 26. I’m not sure how though. Cat form completely flummoxed me, and I spent most of my time as the most inefficient hybrid balance/bear. Start at range with spells then shift to bear form when it got into melee range. I died a lot. When the friendship abruptly ended, I rolled on another server. Playing on a very unreliable apartment complex LAN, I couldn’t play anything with a cast time. So I became a human rogue and ‘Rushoir’ was born in February 2005.

My altoholism was evident even then as I rolled a bunch of different toons none of whom made it past lvl 20 usually, but the rogue slowly pressed on. I finally got Rushoir to lvl 60 in the summer of 2006. When patch 2.3 rolled out the improvments to leveling is when my altholism was rewarded and by the time of Wrath’s launch, I had a level 70 Rogue, Mage, Druid, Warlock and Priest. Wrath launch night, my main had shifted to Rushanne (a feral druid at the time). I got four characters to 80 before the Dungeon Finder dropped (Druid, Mage, Death Knight and Priest). Rushanne was regeared/talented into the Resto spec, and I was enjoying the “endgame” of heroic dungeons for the first time in my WoW life.

The alliance guild I’d been a part of since 2005 had long dwindled down to about five active players and rarely were more than 2 of us on at a time. I’d met Stormy through Twitter and heard about his large social guild he was a part of on Garrosh-H, and right around Christmas 2009, my lone horde toon, a shadow priest named Elrush travelled through the nether to a new server and became my new main. Rushanne the druid followed a few months later, making the transition from night elf to tauren, but never regained “main” status, but Garrosh has been my home ever since.

My army of alter-egos:

Elrush – (Blood Elf Priest) aka Crusader Ambassador Elrush the Seeker, Kingslayer of the Ashen Verdict Nightfall, Champion of the Frozen Wastes. I really, really love this character. The changes to mana-efficiency and the number of other cloth-wearing lvl 85 characters in my guild have pushed me to…

Rushette – (Goblin Shaman) Born to heal. Dual-specced as Elemental for questing/dailies. My main of the moment.

Rushes – (Undead Hunter) The first of my Cataclysm alts.

Rush – (Orc Shaman) Enhancement. Maxed out Leatherworking. I’ve included ‘rush’ in all my characters since the random name generator gave me ‘Rushanna’ back in 2004, but this character I created in 2010 is the first that didn’t have a suffix or prefix attached to it.

Rushanne – (Tauren Druid) Restoration. Tried leveling as Balance. Hate it. Scared off of druid healing from stories heard early in Cataclysm. Going to try and go Resto/Guardian in MoP.

Larush – (Blood Elf Warlock)

Bullrushed – (Tauren Paladin) Tank.

Other alts: Rushie (a Goblin Mage), Rushoir (reborn as an Undead Rogue)



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