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About Stormy

Sum durids is moonkin. Sum durids is bare. Tree durid is make strong hot! Cat durids are 4 fite!

…if this appears to be written in Greek, read this. If you have to pick yourself up off the floor from laughing, there’s a good chance we’ll be friends. If not, thanks for playing.

Anywhooo…hey, I’m Stormy. At least that’s what my friends (the ones I care about) call me. The WoW interface calls me Sterrin most of the time. That’s my durid druid. I started playing WoW in late 2007…and hated it. A good friend of mine was a hardcore WoWhead, and in an ill-fated effort to get to hang out with him, I loaded up the 10-day trial. I had no idea what an MMORPG really was, and when the New Character screen popped up I really didn’t have a clue what to do. I still remember his fateful words (which meant nothing to me at the time): “be a dwarf pally!”. Um, yeah. I spent ten days running to-and-fro through Dun Morogh killing boars for reasons I couldn’t articulate at the time, beyond that I was having fun with my friend. Ten days later, confused, befuddled, and annoyed at the juvenile twits that populated Azeroth, I let the trial expire and never looked back…

…er, except that last part. Peer pressure is a bitch. In August of 2009 I downloaded the trial client again–for reasons that still aren’t terribly clear–and, well, here we are. In the midst of that second trial period I figured out the biggest reason I hated WoW the first time around: I hate melee DPS, mostly because I suck at it. I futzed around with five or six different race/class combinations until I actually paid attention to the stuff on the New Character screen and rolled a Tauren hunter. The “generic Native American” theme of the Tauren starting areas and the basic “pick a target and shoot it” mechanic were familiar enough for me that I was able to focus on the game, and I stuck with it. I rolled Stormy (now Ambassador Stormy of the Ashen Verdict) around September 1, 2009. On January 6, 2010 in Onslaught Harbor in Icecrown, I joined the Big Leagues.

My one-man arsenal consists of:

–Stormy, the Tauren hunter. Stormy was my main until I discovered the wonder that is mooonkin DPS. He has the most achievement points and has finished “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” . I begrudgingly got him to level 85 this summer, and I don’t plan on ever touching him again.

–Sterrin, the Tauren druid. For the record, “sterrin” means “storm” in Gaelic. I thought it was appropriate, what with him being a druid and all. I rolled Sterrin about three weeks after Stormy hit 80, because I wasn’t really sure what people were supposed to do after they hit 80. Patch 3.3 and the Dungeon Finder had just come out, and I fell headlong into the wild world of pugging. I fail-DPSed my way to my low 50s in kitty, then respecced to balance on a whim and fell head-over-heels in love with moonkin DPS. Sterrin has also had an illustrious career in healing, and in 5-man dungeons I’d much rather heal than DPS.

–Tormenta, the blood elf shadow priest. (For those of you looking for a theme, Tormenta is “storm” in Spanish.) I’ll be honest: I rolled Tormenta strictly for aesthetic reasons. A couple of my guildies have shadow priests, and I kept looking at them thinking, “Damn, shadowform is cool.” They conveniently forgot to mention that for the first 50 levels, leveling a shadow priest is excruciating. But by 50 you’ve got Vampiric Embrace, Vampiric Touch and Shadowform, and then leveling a priest gets awesome. I had a brief flirtation with moonkin DPS in 4.0.1 because it was awesome, but my spriest is back to being my raiding toon and my “main”.

–Furtuna, the blood elf warlock (Furtuna is “storm” in Romanian, minus a quirky little diacritical over the initial U). Furtuna started life as Tristiana, the human warlock on a completely different server. I rolled her because although I hated Dun Morogh and then came back and played happily in two Horde-side guilds, I wanted to see the Alliance side of things before Deathwing comes to town and has a big fiery party. I sat at the New Character screen and thought “Hmm, what class haven’t I tried yet?” Warlock. After ten levels I was hooked. I ran Tristiana up to level 21, and then I was completely, totally addicted to the shadowy ways of the Demonology warlock. I shelled out the cash to faction and server transfer her, and she was reborn as Furtuna the blood elf. As of this writing she’s level 77 and stuck there, because I have a new “project toon.”

–Grimsey, the blood elf paladin (Grimsey is not “storm” in any language, and I’m nothing if not inconsistent). Grimsey is my third attempt at a paladin, having taken over for her sister Tempesta and her Tauren cousin Oliviero. Confession: I rolled a red-haired female belf paladin for strictly aesthetic reasons. One of my former guildies has a female belf pally and she is just so completely cool that I can’t stand it. I love the fact that she’s the toon equivalent of 4’10” and 90 pounds soaking wet, brandishes a shield and a gigantic sword, and goes directly toe-to-toe with the worst Azeroth has to offer.

–Pequeña and Pequeño, the goblin shamans. I originally rolled Pequeña and Pequeño as part of Project Pequeño, a project to level an elemental shaman and resto shaman separately, one strictly through dungeons and one strictly through questing. I discovered a talent for and love of shaman healing, and Pequeña the resto shaman is currently in her 60s and barreling through Outland. Pequeño…not so much.

–Najira, the troll discipline priest. Najira means “flower” in an aboriginal Nigerian language. Najira is fun to play, but I don’t plan on doing much serious work with her.

As for other administrivia:

I started out in one of the largest (and therefore most unwieldy) guilds on US-Garrosh-H, but various personality conflicts and asshattery prevailed, and now I’m helping to create greener pastures. I’m currently guild master of Sane Asylum, formed in August 2010. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Sane Asylum’s recruitment door is always open, and you can visit our guild website here.



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