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The Asylum

Sane Asylum is a different type of guild. The original founders of Sane Asylum have been around WoW long enough to see the best of the best and the worst of the worst, and we’d like to think we’ve learned enough from our experiences to be able to run a guild right. We’ve set out to prove that it’s possible to run a guild where *everyone* is welcome and *everyone* is treated fairly, a guild where everyone’s given the opportunity to play WoW in a way they enjoy, to raid if they want to raid, to PvP if they want to PvP, to level a million alts if they want to, and to be surrounded by great people while doing it. In short, we believe it’s possible to play WoW with a higher class of people.

Things We Believe:

We’re not interested in your GearScore, your achievements or your extensive knowledge of the game. We’re interested in *you*. Here in the Asylum you won’t find the usual Trade trash talk, the moochers, the drama queens and the morons. You’ll find adults who are more interested in playing the game and treating each other with respect. If you’re an adult with a sophisticated sense of humor and a fully functional frontal lobe, come see us. Visit our website or see one of us in-game.



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